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a little girl threatens matt with a toy weeping angel x

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Doctor Who Quotes: Rory Williams, series seven

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Amelia couldn’t help but feel sad when she saw Rose’s face. “Um, I don’t know actually.” she admitted painfully. “You have no one in this dimension right?” Without looking up from their cosmic view, Amelia made a strange offer. “Well, until we figure it out, you could stay with me if you’d like.” she said standing up finally. “Without Rory, the house has been kind of…lonely.”

"They all think I’m dead, I haven’t got anyone." Rose shrugged like it was nothing but it still hurt like hell. "I don’t want to intrude or anything, I’d hate to be a bother and all." she watched as Amelia stood up then ran her fingers through her hair. Her thoughts were a tangled mess, one about Mum, one about Mickey, most about the Doctor, she didn’t know how to focus on just one.

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“Not like I’d complain ‘bout that.”


“Not so bad, am I. ‘s Shinwell. 
You do that a lot, then? Jus’ walk around askin’ for directions ‘n then turnin’ it into a dating thing?”

"Well’re you up for it, then? Shinwell, that’s different; I like it."

"Also, every single time I meet someone new I’ve just got to turn it into a dating thing.”

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“Ah, no worries. Can’t say I don’t like a girl who thinks a lot ‘bout food, can I.”


“Want me t’walk you to th’next grocer’s shop, that what you’re saying?”

"Depends, we might fall into a conversation exclusively about food on our way."

"Basically, I’d love it if you’d walk me there. You seem quite kind and I’d love to get to know you. Oi, I sound like I’m on some dating site. Sorry, I’m Rose by the way."

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oh my god.

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A Date || Rose (rxsetyler) and Q


“You’re welcome. They compliment you.” Q smiled brightly, “It’s alright, I understand the flat in disoray very well.” He watched as the cat scampered onto the counter, “He’s adorable. I’m sure Enjolras would love to meet him.” He chuckled, “Perhaps in IKEA.”

Rose grabbed her bag again after setting the flowers high enough to where Jerry couldn’t reach them. “IKEA would be wonderful if he’d stop ruining everything.” A smirk tugged at the corners of her lips. “Anyway, shall we? I’m actually quite excited for dinner.” Her eyes studied his face, as she waited for his hand to come in contact with hers.

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“Why, I’m bein’ an aid to humanity and makin’ the world a better place! Y’know, pickin’ up litter, paintin’ over graffiti — because, unlike the deeply twisted youth of this city, I’m a good person, and I believe in givin’, and givin’, and just givin’… And… Yeah. That’s what I’m doin’,” he said, placing his hands on his hips and giving her an eyebrow raise that very clearly said, ‘End story.’

"How often do you practice that story in front of the mirror, then?" She laughed lightly watching his dramatic gestures. "You with that lot over there in the incredibly attractive orange jump suits? I bet you’d look quite fit in of them, yeah?"

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